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baby crying with mom
watching tv
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Parenting can be challenging

So we carry many different types of kids clothing, games, toys, blankets, accessories, etc. to bring more fun for you and your 0 to 10 year old. We also provide resources on this site to help with ideas, life hacks, etc. to bring memorable moments with your kids.

Stay strong. Be positive. Keep loving.

Not just for Games

Use your smart phone to calm your baby. Your taste in music might be just the trick.

bathroom fan

If these youtube sounds don't help.  Try taking your baby into the bathroom with the fan on and lights off.


When you're new born won't stop crying try adding white noise to help him/her stop. 

smart phone

Disney, animated, cartoon, musical movie clips can help distract your baby from whatever is causing him/her to cry.

Crying babies